What We Do

Get quality custom software made for your business, church, organization, school, or for you individually. We are like programming/coding handymen; we do a variety of programming and coding tasks.

We specialize in making custom software to fit the needs of any business sector, industry, and country. We love to eliminate your pain-points in software and make tools that work for you and/or your organization. We shape your tools and then, your tools shape you. Do not settle for software that is “meh”. Especially, do not settle for shit software that crashes, or else baby Jesus will cry and your company will suffer (any entity functions better when software works well; also, do not make anyone cry as life is too short 😉 ).

We provide a wide variety of services and we are capable of producing all kinds of software. Below, are some examples, but feel free to reach out to see if we can help you. Consultations are free, so it does not hurt to ask, but it does hurt to not get a solution.

  • Restful APIs
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Firmware
  • Databases
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Entry
  • Automation
  • Groupware
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud Software
  • Plugins/Addons
  • Themes
  • Code-reviews, tips, pointers, training, advise, consultations, etc.
  • Modernize old software
  • Migrate from one programming language to another
  • Optimize software
  • Reverse engineer abandonware *

* We will only reverse engineer where it is legal to do so. For example, in case of software where the patents/copyrights have expired and/or the company has gone under and no entity has claimed ownership of the software, we will gladly do what needs to be done to get deprecated/abandoned software up-to-date to suit you.

If one desires more detailed information on what it is like having us serve you, check out What to Expect.

Screenshots of Our Software